We are a team of experienced communications pros with
distinct specializations.

We tap into our deep internal reservoir of skills, from writers, designers, researchers and counselors to facilitators, planners, and social media and multicultural experts. The diversity of staff experiences, skills and backgrounds provide a powerful engine for the development and implementation of creative, comprehensive and successful campaigns. The unifying factor... a driving passion to make a lasting and positive health impact on the state and nation.
Take a look at our management team:
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Expertise: strategy, counsel, facilitation and training

As president and founder of Brown·Miller Communications, Michael has worked to address nutrition and health issues for almost three decades. Through ongoing involvement and relationships with nonprofit foundations, government agencies and private industry, Michael is uniquely versed in the problems affecting a wide range of public health fields. Michael regularly translates the needs and news of his clients into messages, campaigns and materials that reach and stimulate the media and public on the local, state and national levels. His skills as a strategic communicator have helped to address a broad list of critical legislative issues, including removing unhealthy foods and beverages from schools, winning support for menu labeling legislation and safeguarding funds for comprehensive sex education. He also has extensive advocacy and lobbying experience working on behalf of farm and health organizations. He serves on a variety of client, community and industry boards, and is regularly invited to speak nationally on the subjects of media advocacy, social marketing and public relations.

Expertise: research, media relations, partnership development

With over 30 years of experience as an award-winning journalist, Paula Hamilton brings a wealth of knowledge about the media and an extensive network of national media contacts to Brown·Miller Communications. Her background as a journalist provides her with an understanding of the needs of the press and how to best address those needs.


Based on her contacts, background and experience, she develops events, relationships and stories that deliver the special message of the agency’s clients to health, food, news, lifestyle and editorial page writers. She regularly creates successful integrated communications and social marketing campaigns directed to a wide variety of audiences, works with the media to promote clients’ stories, and provides comprehensive hands-on communications training and counsel to government, nonprofit and community-based clients.

Expertise: multicultural communications, senior issues, consumer health education

A veteran communications expert specializing in consumer health education and multicultural communications, Muriel develops and manages integrated communications campaigns aimed at educating consumers, and changing and improving behaviors. She directs audience research, discerns areas of opportunity and crafts unique strategies to influence and educate specific audience segments. In many cases, this means addressing varying language and cultural issues among key populations and sub-populations. Her execution of the award-winning comprehensive social marketing campaign, Steps to a Healthier Salinas, resulted in groundbreaking and lasting health improvements.

Expertise: social media, material development, graphic design

With exceptional communications, program management and organizational skills, Nicole has overseen a host of award-winning campaigns aimed at increasing consumer knowledge and advocating for better health outcomes in California. Nicole brings firsthand knowledge of social media to the table, investigating and implementing ways to use the latest online tools to the benefit of her clients.


Specializing in public health communications, Nicole oversees the creation and execution of comprehensive communication campaigns that include branding, material development and media outreach. Based in research, her campaigns have led to fundamental changes in California laws to fund critical health programs and promote healthier behaviors. 

Expertise: media relations, digital advertising and public affairs

Jonathan draws from a deep well of experience managing award-winning communications for nonprofits, research institutions, governments and campaigns. His creative, data-driven approach has helped clients transform the conversation on the diabetes and obesity epidemics nationwide, change the narrative on health equity in county health departments, move state school nutrition policy, and win competitive campaigns at the ballot box.

He specializes in producing strategic communications that move people to change policies and practices, improving the health, education and quality of life of all Californians. His tools include targeted digital advertisements, persuasive op-eds, and beautifully designed materials that translate complicated research and policies into accessible language that moves people to action.

Jonathan is an active member of the Contra Costa County and Martinez communities, serving on various organizations’ boards and on local government commissions.

Expertise: research and social media

Emily provides research, writing, design and outreach support, ensuring consistent, concise and timely development of all necessary information, tools and materials. Serving as backbone support for the agency, her efforts are essential to maintaining efficiency, accuracy and thoroughness.

Expertise: business and financial services

Sharron oversees all business and financial services for the firm, using her skills in accounting and marketing to develop systems that provide the accountability, accuracy and detail our clients have come to depend on.

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