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We are a diverse team of experienced communications pros with distinct specializations.

We tap into our deep internal reservoir of skills, from writers, designers, researchers and counselors to facilitators, planners, and social media and multicultural experts. The diversity of staff experiences, skills and backgrounds provide a powerful engine for the development and implementation of creative, comprehensive and successful campaigns. The unifying factor... a driving passion to make a lasting and positive health impact on the state and nation.

Take a look at our management team:

Michael Miller headshot

Michael Miller, President

Expertise: Strategy, Counsel, Messaging, Facilitation and Training

As president and founder of Brown·Miller Communications, Michael has worked to address public health and agricultural issues for over three decades. Through ongoing involvement and relationships with nonprofit foundations, government agencies and private industry, he is uniquely versed in the issues affecting a wide range of public health fields. Michael draws on his 40 years of public relations experience to translate the needs and news of his clients into messages, campaigns and materials that reach and stimulate the media, public and policymakers.


His skills as a strategic communicator have helped to address a broad spectrum of critical issues, from educating the public about COVID-19 to reshaping community behaviors, policies and expectations around emerging health realities. Through his communication leadership and management, Michael has won a host of awards for his clients, including the nation’s highest public relations honor, the Silver Anvil, on four separate occasions.  He serves on several client, community and industry boards. His writings on public relations in public health are widely published, and he regularly speaks and trains on a variety of communications topics.

Muriel Banares headshot

Muriel Bañares

Expertise: Multicultural Communications, Marketing, Consumer Health Education

A veteran communications expert with over 20 years of experience, Muriel specializes in consumer health education and multicultural communications. Muriel develops and manages integrated communications campaigns aimed at educating consumers, and changing and improving behaviors. To achieve this, she regularly oversees audience research, discerns areas of opportunity and crafts unique strategies to influence and educate targeted audience segments. This often demands that she execute complex, multicultural, multilingual campaigns tailored to diverse audiences. Her execution of the award-winning comprehensive social marketing campaign, Steps to a Healthier Salinas, resulted in groundbreaking and lasting health improvements.

Nicole Shorter headshot

Nicole Shorter

Expertise: Planning, Health Communications, System Development, Graphic Design

A consummate communicator, Nicole manages some of our most complicated and involved projects to deliver messages and campaigns that resonate. With over 15 years of experience managing public health and agricultural issues, Nicole provides clients with creative, solid communication approaches that deliver. Her award-winning work is highlighted by her unique ability to distill complexities and challenges into opportunities. Her constant effort to innovate allows her to keep campaigns fresh, reach reluctant audiences and help her clients successfully move their ideas, information and needs forward. Whether she’s working to safeguard the well-being of Californians or the health of the state’s agricultural sector, Nicole’s prized communications skills are a constant asset.

Jonathan Bash headshot

Jonathan Bash

Expertise: Media Relations, Public Affairs, Digital Advertising

Jonathan draws from a deep well of experience managing award-winning communications for nonprofits, research institutions, governments and campaigns. His creative, data-driven approach has helped clients transform the conversation on the diabetes and obesity epidemics nationwide, change the narrative on health equity in county health departments, move state school nutrition policy, fight Big Tobacco and win competitive campaigns at the ballot box. He specializes in producing strategic communications that drive people to change policies and practices, improving the health, education and quality of life of all Californians. His tools include targeted digital advertisements, persuasive op-eds, evocative websites and cleverly designed materials that translate complicated research and policies into accessible language that moves people to action. Jonathan is also an active community volunteer, serving on the boards of various organizations and on local government commissions.

Emily Mazza_headshot_August 2022.jpg

Emily Mazza

Expertise: Multimedia Communications, Web Design, Social Media

Specializing in community health communications, Emily oversees the creation and execution of comprehensive communication campaigns that include branding, messaging, material development and community outreach. She excels at identifying the right mix of tactics for the job, amplifying client’s messages for the biggest impact. Emily’s social media expertise has allowed her to transform attitudes about issues ranging from vaccinations and disease prevention to the promotion of healthcare among highly diverse, hard-to-reach and reluctant audiences. She combines her design, writing and technical skills to deliver multilayered electronic campaigns that incorporate social media posts, videos, digital advertising and websites to consistently reiterate and refresh key messages for her clients.

Hayley Miller headshot

Hayley Miller

Expertise: Material Development, Social Media, Research, Evaluation

With an eye to the big picture, Hayley regularly converts complex, technical information into communications tools that are easily understood and acted upon. The multilingual social media messaging campaign she created was adopted by the state’s nine largest nutrition entities to assist and encourage low-income populations in accessing foods throughout and after the COVID-19 crisis. Statewide organizations regularly tap into her communications expertise to develop compelling materials such as infographics, fact sheets, annual reports, social media posts, videos, and white papers.

Janette Maurer headshot

Janette Maurer

Expertise: Business and Financial Services

Janette ensures that all administrative systems are in full operation and compliance with proper business operations. Her oversight of the firm’s accounting, billing and personnel services ensures the reliable and harmonious connection between the financial and account management elements of Brown Miller Communications.  With a background in environmental sustainability and project management, she plays an integral role in supporting the team with the development and implementation of key initiatives with database management, media tracking, online research and creation of reporting templates to provide accurate client records. Her goal is to achieve operational excellence and sustainability while creating a warm, inviting, employee and client-focused workplace.

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