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Our toolbox looks about the same as any other PR agency - what's different is how
we use those tools.

Getting attention in today's message-saturated world is tough. Drawing on our diverse skills, experiences and relationships, we create strategic programs that deliver your messages to the right audiences and get you results that matter. 
Our services include:

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Counsel & Strategy

  •  Social marketing campaigns

  •  Multicultural campaigns

  •  Crisis communication

  •  Speaker placements

  •  Media spokesperson training

  •  Branding

  •  Facilitation

  •  Internal communications

  •  Strategic communications  planning

  •  Message development

  •  Trainings


Issue Management

  • Coalition and collaborative development

  • Community relations

  • Community forums

  • Grassroots organizing

  • Issues management

  • Media advocacy

  • Policy briefings

  • Development of policy messages, briefs and materials

  • Campaign development and execution

Media Relations

  •  ​Media strategy development

  •  Local and national media support

  •  Media analysis and evaluation

  •  Press and editorial conferences

  •  Press appointments

  •  Online newsrooms

  •  Press material development

  •  Press releases, media alerts and press kits

  • Opinion editorials

  •  Radio and TV bookings

  •  Story development and pitching

Communication Tools

  •  Photography

  •  Brochures

  •  Newsletters

  •  Special event planning and management

  •  Annual reports

  •  Interactive educational materials

  •  Advertising and PSAs

  •  Graphic design

  •  Video production

  •  Speeches and presentations

  •  Websites

  •  Webinars

  •  Writing​


  • Policy briefs

  • Issue briefs

  • Communications audits

  • Focus groups

  • Audience and market analysis

  • Internet-based surveying

  • Key informant interviews

  • Evaluations

  • Polling

  • Message and material testing

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