Shifting attitudes and aspirations to change

people, policies and places.

Developing strategic communication approaches based on solid research and a complete understanding of audiences are hallmarks of our success. 


We specialize in five key areas:


Learn more about specific projects below and from our case studies.


Executed a multicultural social marketing campaign, Value It! for STEPS to a Healthier Salinas, to change an entire city’s eating and physical activity environments, resulting 
in a citywide 12 percent drop in obesity rates.
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Integrated cutting-edge
social media techniques with
a strategic communications campaign to persuade reluctant legislators to pass the nation’s first statewide menu labeling law.


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Transparent communications, active community engagement and strategic deployment of carefully tailored communication tactics allowed Contra Costa Health Services to lead the county through the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Turned science into stories
to gain widespread media attention for the Public Health Advocates' campaign against sugary drinks.


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WAR INK honored veterans in an authentic and honest way, using veterans' hauntingly beautiful memorial tattoos as a springboard for intimate conversation and connection.
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Created the first “Rethink Your Drink” brand and campaign to serve
as an umbrella for all statewide efforts
to reduce sugary beverage consumption.
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Encouraged Vallejo teens
to get tested for STDs with
a light-hearted campaign aimed at stimulating teen dialogue to transcend traditional media and play out primarily through social media.

Mobilized 3,000 schools across the state, trained spokespersons, pitched the media and coordinated special events to drive the California Thursdays campaign to serve healthy, freshly prepared school meals made from California-grown food.

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Rallied editorial support
to pressure legislators
to address the nation’s rising childhood obesity epidemic and pass landmark legislation banning sodas and junk food from the state’s public schools.
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Based on stakeholder input, developed, designed and launched a comprehensive strategic plan for one
of the nation's preminent health systems, the Contra Costa Regional Medical Center and Health Centers.
Worked with the California Department of Public Health to mobilize hundreds of disparate public health nutritionists to coalesce under 11 powerful regional collaboratives dedicated
to aggressively tackling policy issues relevant to their communities.
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Mobilized faith-based, agricultural, legislative and business leaders
to address the chronic health of America’s farm workers on both sides of the U.S./Mexico border.
Coordinate press and social media activities for the nation's largest wine and grape industry trade show, the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium.
Highlighted the cost of teen pregnancy by legislative district, resulting in legislation safeguarding funding for threatened comprehensive sex education programs on behalf of the Center for Research on Adolescent Health and Development.
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Mapped out a concrete strategy for the California Department of Public Health to develop authentic and active partnerships with
a host of organizations,
businesses and advocates.